Toastmaster magazine

Reach the Finish Line! (January 2017 cover story): Olympic silver and gold medalist Lauryn Williams talks about goal-setting and success.

Elite Women Athletes Show Their Strength (January 2017): Skier and Spartan racer push past setbacks to score new goals.


Finding His Calling (December 2016): Sunil Robert Vuppula escaped poverty in India through his passion for public speaking.


The Danger Zone (October 2016): Daredevil harnesses fear to fuel his epic
motorcycle jumps.


Queens of the Stage (July 2016): Beauty pageant winners around the world thank Toastmasters International for their crowns.


Blue Ridge Country magazine

Great Unusual Sleep Spots in the Mountains (May/June 2016): Forget hotels—opt instead for stays in cozy cabins, yurts, houseboats, treehouses, a fire tower, a restored train caboose, a repurposed school bus and even a castle.

Tea Rooms of the Mountains (January/February 2016): Tea is one of my travel essentials. No matter where I go, I bring some of my tea stash with me, but I’m always on the lookout for places to find a good cuppa.

The Cave Beneath Charles Town, W.Va. (January/February 2016): Known in its heyday as Lakeland Caverns, this former show cave and its lake have fascinated city residents for more than a century.

SUP in the Mountains? (July/August 2015): Is it really as easy as it looks? It’s time to find out. Start with one of these great places to stand up and paddle.

Martinsburg Geocaches Go Big (May/June 2015): The city of Martinsburg, West Virginia, is developing a reputation as a vacation hotspot among modern-day treasure hunters known as geocachers.

The Weekend: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, as Hub for Exploration (January/February 2015): While history and scenery are the dominant attractions of this corner of West Virginia and Maryland, shopping, dining and hiking also provide lures.

Frederick Magazine

Tiny Living, Big Benefits (March 2016): Tiny homes—you’ve no doubt seen them on TV shows, in documentaries and all over social media by now. These small and sometimes meticulously crafted, but often spartan houses have inspired quite a following—some say a movement—in recent years.

Hagerstown Magazine

Creating a Couch Community (May/June 2016): Worx Graphic Design’s Green Couch Project gives entrepreneurs a place to ‘spill their gutsy’ and inspire other risk-takers.

Living it Up While Living Downtown (January/February 2016): In recent years, many efforts have been made to support the revitalization of downtown Hagerstown and make it a better place to live, work, play, and visit. If real estate trends are any sign of progress, then some of those efforts seem to be paying off.

Savoring the Holidays (November/December 2015): Three local chefs with very different cultural backgrounds share their families’ holiday food traditions.

Social Knit-working (November/December 2015): Women of all ages come together to enjoy a hobby that’s fun, relaxing, and useful.

Crowdfunding the Creative (May/June 2015): Local artists and authors are using online platforms like Kickstarter to find financial support for their creative projects.

Kings of the Road (March/April 2015): While the hey of tricked-out vans has passed, local enthusiasts are keeping the tradition alive with their movable beasts.

Stay Clean and Let Your Skin Prosper (January/February 2015): Cedar Ridge Soaps in Keedysville, Maryland, produces handcrafted soaps, lotions, and scrubs offering more than just a cleanse.

Renewing American Classics (January/February 2015): Using fresh local ingredients, Domestic restaurant in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, serves up iconic dishes with a twist.

Grass-fed Goodness (January/February 2015): Dairy farmers in Washington County, Maryland, and the surrounding region are thriving in organic and grass-based industries.

Falling for Apples (September/October 2014): As summer fades in Washington County, Maryland, ushering in the cool breezes and changing leaves that signal the coming of autumn, area residents look forward to enjoying their favorite fall fruit — apples.

Rethinking Office Design (May/June 2014): As shown by satirical comic strip Dilbert and movies like “Office Space,” jokes about the drudgery of working in a cubicle farm abound in pop culture. There’s some truth behind the humor, though, as research has shown that the less satisfied you are with your work environment, the more likely you are to be dissatisfied with your job.

There Will Be Mud (May/June 2014): Most folks raised in rural areas aren’t strangers to getting muddy, and residents of Washington County and the surrounding region are no exception. As children who grew up playing on farms and in wooded backyards, we relished the feeling of squishing mud between our fingers and toes while making mud pies and running around barefoot. 

Sierra Nevada’s High Tech Mission: Possible (May/June 2014): The Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Integrated Missions Systems Division at the Hagerstown Regional Airport specializes in innovative aircraft technology for the U.S. Government. 

Hagerstown PONY League Covers All the Bases (May/June 2014): For youth baseball players in Washington County and the surrounding areas, playing for the Hagerstown PONY League serves almost as a rite of passage, helping them hone their skills during the gap between Little League and playing for a high school team.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost (March/April 2014): Travel, a luxury few have time for during their working and childrearing years, tops the to-do list of many older adults. After leaving behind the structure of a career, what better way is there to spend your time than visiting all the places you never had time to see while working?

A New Leash on Life (March/April 2014): At Two Paws Up! in downtown Frederick, new owner Kevin Moriarty’ passion about pets is front and center. The two-story building housing the shop, located at 15. S. Carroll Street, is brightly painted to look like a giant doghouse and features a three-tiered water fountain for passing pooches. 

Casting a Wider Net (January/February 2014): We’ve all heard the adage it’s not what you know, but who you know that lands you that coveted job or business client. In reality, though, it often takes more than just knowing the right people to get ahead in your career; it takes building a network of valuable relationships and trust with those people. 

frank. (Hagerstown Magazine’s Franklin County, Pennsylvania, supplement)

Eat Well and Prosper (fall/winter 2015): MACWell’s Healthy Eating Adventure program offers community support, motivation, and resources to help participants transform their diets and their lives.



Recreation News magazine

Outdoor adventure awaits in the three ‘Cs’ of the northern tier (May 2015): Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to get out there and play in some of nature’s splendor. And in the northern tier of West Virginia, just a few hours by car from Baltimore or Washington, D.C., three “Cs” provide hiking through lush forests, mountain views, swimming and fishing in pristine lakes and rivers, and even golf.

What’s NXT entertainment and event guide for Hagerstown, Maryland

Main Street Facelift (September 2015): Revitalization efforts breathe new life into downtown Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

Plan a Weekend Getaway at nearby Rocky Gap Casino Resort (July 2015): Take in scenic mountain views while hiking, fishing, swimming, golfing, dining, and more at this Western Maryland hotspot for recreation and relaxation.

Paddle Your Way to Fitness (June 2015): If you’re looking for a fun way to stay fit while enjoying the great outdoors this summer, look no further than your nearest waterway. Paddle sports like kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddle boarding are a relaxing and exhilarating way to immerse yourself in nature’s splendor, and they also help people of all ages and experience levels burn calories, increase stamina, and build strength. 

Trending: Tea (April 2015): As tea becomes more popular throughout the nation, local industry professionals are seeing an increase in tea drinkers seeking a relaxing experience, more varieties, and healthier beverage options.

Float Your Troubles Away (April 2015): Imagine you’re lying on your back floating in a pristine mountain lake on a hot summer day. Your eyes are closed, but you feel the sun on your face, and the only thing you hear is the sound of birds chirping far off in the distance as you let your body drift lazily in the cool, clear water.

The (W.Va.) State Journal newspaper

Falling Waters author self-publishes second historical romance novel (December 17, 2014): When former Berkeley County administrator Deborah Hammond retired in March, she immediately seized the opportunity to do something she’s been meaning to do for a long time: finish the novel she started more than 20 years ago.

Specialty cheesecake bakery opens in Martinsburg, West Virginia (November 14, 2014): Since 2010, Gerrardstown resident Teresa Gibbons has developed quite a reputation throughout the Eastern Panhandle for her custom, made-from-scratch cheesecakes.

Rock-climbing guide opens indoor climbing gym in Martinsburg, West Virginia (October 9, 2014): Residents of the Eastern Panhandle are taking fitness to new heights — literally — thanks to an indoor rock-climbing gym that opened in Martinsburg Aug. 29.

Retailer sells her own line of handmade candles, soaps (September 18, 2014): Martinsburg business owner Melissa Myers does more than just sell hand-poured soy candles and handmade lye soap at her downtown shop, Mel’s Smells.

Just peachy: ‘Tea Lady’ shares recipe for peach iced tea in honor of national peach month (August 7, 2014): It’s August, otherwise known as National Peach Month, and that means it’s time to celebrate one of the most beloved fruits of summer: you guessed it, peaches.

Charles Town bakery owner makes edible works of art (July 17, 2014): Charles Town resident and bakery owner Sarah Schottler is an artist — and sugar cookies are her canvas. Each cookie that comes from her kitchen is baked to order and then lovingly decorated by hand.

Shamanic herbalist, wild food chef team up on cookbook (July 11, 2014): Honeysuckle, milkweed, lamb’s quarter and chickweed — these aren’t the ingredients most people think of when planning dinner. Shamanic herbalist Kristen Dorsey and wild food chef Tina Gross are trying to change that, though.

Martinsburg printing company celebrates 25 years (June 20, 2014): Scott Schoppert, owner of Printing Impressions in Martinsburg, West Virginia, has been in the printing industry for most of his life.

Tea company offers taste of teas from all over the world (April 25, 2014): Judy Larkin, also known as the “Tea Lady,” has traveled extensively over the years on her quest to learn as much as she can about tea. “She’s been all over the world — India, China, Nepal,” said her husband, Bill Larkin.