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Sheehan Writing & Editing: Making Words Memorable

When it comes to working with words, there’s no denying it—the skills of an experienced writer and editor can make a world of difference to a busy business owner who doesn’t have the time to write blog posts or an anxious author who needs a second set of eyes on her novel.

Besides taking the weight off others’ shoulders, an experienced writer and editor who’s well-versed in crafting polished and professional prose can give a document or a manuscript the time, attention to detail, and oomph it needs to be truly memorable to readers.

That’s what inspired me to found Sheehan Writing & Editing in December 2014. Every day I see businesses, organizations, and even well-known people like authors and public figures putting their messages out there—through their social media pages, blogs, websites, or marketing materials—but their messages aren’t clear. They aren’t concise. They aren’t compelling. So they often go unnoticed, or worse, they actually alienate readers who expect a higher degree of professionalism.

I’m aiming to change that. I founded Sheehan Writing & Editing to help businesses, organizations, and authors send messages that are meaningful, memorable, and professional.

Behind the Words

As the woman behind the words for Sheehan Writing & Editing, I wear several different hats. I’m a journalist, a creative writer, a copywriter, a business communications consultant, a copy editor, and a proofreader—all wrapped into one package.

I started Sheehan Writing & Editing after spending the last five years honing my skills in the publishing, marketing, and public-relations fields. I’ve worked as a newspaper copy editor and page designer, a college textbook copy editor, a marketing assistant for an energy and convenience store company, and as a communications specialist for a public-relations company—all the while slowly building my reputation and expertise as a freelance writer and editor since 2010.

Since then, I’ve written dozens of articles for regional publications like Blue Ridge Country, WV LivingHagerstown, and Spotlight West Virginia magazines, What’s NXT entertainment guide, and The State Journal newspaper. I’ve also copy edited a nonfiction book on spirituality, proofread several short stories, and crafted all kinds of marketing and public-relations materials, including websites, press releases, articles, and newsletters.

Crafting Memorable Messages

Whether you’re an editor at a magazine looking for freelance feature writers, a business owner who needs help with marketing materials, or an author seeking a copy editor or proofreader for your latest novel, I can craft content that will leave a lasting impression on your readers and customers.

My services include writing and editing articles, books, brochures, blog posts, business biographies, social media and website content, press releases, newsletters and more. Visit to learn more.

Do you have a writing project you need help with? Call me at 304-584-7534 or email me at I’d love to help!

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Missy Sheehan is a freelance writer and editor and the owner of Sheehan Writing & Editing, a one-woman operation that offers writing and editing services for publications, businesses, and authors. Missy specializes in writing articles for consumer and trade magazines as well as press releases and other public relations and marketing materials for businesses. She also copy edits and proofreads documents ranging from short blog posts to book-length manuscripts. Visit to learn more.

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